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This is what it looks like when you walk into a restaurant, can’t order anything, then walk back out– and you are RAVENOUS :’)

Wowza! What a week. Turns out this challenge is indeed challenging! A few hurdles snuck up on me this week and I may have metaphorically tripped on those hurdles and face-planted smack into the ground.

Hurdle 1: I may have underestimated how difficult it can be to say no to the bakery and the brewery, especially when your friends are asking you to be there. I could have said yes, but who wants to be the only one without a donut or a beer in hand? Definitely not me. Although I anticipated I would see my friends less, I didn’t anticipate how much of a bummer it really would be.


10/10 whisk situation

Hurdle 2: If you do say yes to going out with friends, sometimes there is not one single thing on the menu you can eat. And when that happens sometimes you have a little breakdown because you are sick of being a burden with your voluntary dietary restrictions and being that person who modifies the hell out of a menu item just so you can be there in that moment with your friends (and have a plate of food in front of you too).



Hurdle 3: Working construction and crossfitting regularly requires a lot of energy. Like 3000 calories worth of energy every single day. That is SO MANY vegetables! Preparing that much food takes a lot of time, and even if you are diligent on meal prep, your mountain of veggies vanishes in half a second and you have to start prepping AGAIN.
So, some hurdles this week, but also some great stuff too.

So much energy ya’ll!! The post-lunch snooze battle has gotten so easy that it’s not much of a battle anymore. However, the post-work snooze battle is still real and usually I lose that one. Of course I still get tired everyday, but in the past week it’s been less often and less intense.

The pain in my hips has been consistently mild, even after doing a couple 400 meter jogs! It did not feel great on my hips to have that high impact movement, but I wasn’t crying in pain afterward and that is new for me! Correlation doesn’t always equal causation or attribution, but in this case my body is definitely trying to tell me something.

My life is pretty fast-paced, and having to meal prep and think, in advance, about all things food related has been a struggle for me. Despite that, I am finding myself looking forward to spending some good, ol’, quality, me time in the kitchen. I’ve found myself slowing down and enjoying the process, multi-tasking and all. My roommate even told me I look like a natural in the kitchen. You know what that means? Watch out ya’ll, dyke Betty Crocker is comin’ in hot!


Dyke Betty Crocker on point!

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There 2 responses to “Erin’s Journey: The Essential You 101”


Yowsa! The apron looks good on you Erin!

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I LOVE THIS POST! I am so proud of you and everything you are doing to learn about your body and make your life more energetic and your pain more manageable! You inspire me!

Such great photos and a genuine realness in your explanations of the hurdles and realities of diet restrictions! For future reference, I will always go with you to places to eat and eat celery sticks and water.

I love following your journey and I would love to learn more about how your body changes as you reintroduce foods as well as what you choose to reintroduce and the quantity!


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