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I have a very simple tattoo on my left wrist. It reads “Inspire” with an arrow to remind myself to keep moving forward; especially when moving feels impossible. I’m reminded of this as I think about the strength that Solcana has brought into my life – mentally and physically. When I think about it, my path to Solcana has been a long, 33 year journey.

The anchor of my journey is my legs, so let’s talk about my legs. Yes, this is a weird thing to talk about, but it’s very important for me and my story. I grew up playing soccer and was obsessed with the sport and played year round. Soccer is fairly impossible without your legs and to that end, I had (and still have) very substantial ones. It was in seventh grade that my legs became my enemy. I was teased because of the size of my legs and some mean girls claimed my legs represented the fat in sausage. It was embarrassing and sad for me; and so started my many years of hating my legs. I refused (and still do, if I’m being completely honest) to wear shorts, avoided any situation where I would have bare legs. It wasn’t until recently that I became brave enough to wear dresses without tights. I carried this weight on my shoulders up until I joined Solcana.

My friend Jenn is also a coach at Solcana and I saw a post about the Body Adapt class. I immediately texted Jenn and asked her if I would die and if there would be jokes if I joined this class. Obviously I didn’t die and I had lots of great laughs in the class. It was probably the best present my husband could have given me for Christmas last year.

Here is what I’ve learned since joining Solcana: MY LEGS ARE BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL BEASTS THAT ARE SO STRONG. Solcana has given me a community where I am able to celebrate what was once my weakness. But is now my strength.  I have learned with weightlifting, my legs are the pillar that allow me to lift weights above my head, allow me to squat oh so beautifully down to the floor. My legs carry me through metcons and they are the means that allow me to hit new personal records and be proud of everything I do when I step into the gym for a workout.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a long way to go and perhaps someday I’ll even wear shorts; but there are times, after I’ve showered in the morning or after I workout and I look at my legs and I think, “You massive beasts, thank you for being so strong.”

On the days when I don’t think I can muster up the energy and strength to work out, I glance at my left wrist to remind myself to keep going and my legs carry me and prove that I am capable, strong and have come a long way since I joined this beautiful community in January.

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