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Hello Solcana Fam!

I am really excited to let you know we’re adding some more options to our mobility schedule for you.

In addition to our current schedule, we will be adding 5:00pm Mini-Mobility classes on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday starting next week! Wednesday will also have a Mini-Mobility class at 11am for the day-time folks. We will look into adding more day time classes if there is enough demand moving forward. Mini-mobility classes are intended to warm up the body for any following activity, such as a CrossFit class, in addition to building body awareness and supporting you in preventing injury.

We are also adding another 12:40pm Mobility class on Wednesdays due to the success of the 12:40pm class on Thursdays!

Along with the new classes come new instructors! Sign up for their classes starting next week!

Any questions, feedback or comments are always welcome and you can reach me at [email protected].

With love and care for each of you and your magnificent hearts & bods,


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