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Congratulations to our June Athletes of the Month, Alyssa Ahlgren and Shelley Quade! We are so thankful to have you both in our community.

Alyssa joined us in October last year, a former hockey player who was itching to get back into the gym. She made herself at home and got down to work, calmly crushing workouts left and right. Alyssa is up for any challenge and knows how to push herself. She attends consistently. Her work schedule recently changed and she had to switch to the 5:30am classes. She shows up half asleep, but once she wakes up, she has a great attitude and totally kills it. Alyssa has grown so much in her confidence and abilities in the last 8 months. She’s strong af, runs like a leopard and can snatch a house! She has a big, goofy personality and is a lot of fun to have in class. Hannah says “She’s just the raddest and she’s like my lil sis in the gym.”


Shelley has a rock solid presence at Solcana and the innate ability to encourage and lift up those around her. She is a big time part of the #enduranceclub and a consistent Beginner Oly lifter as well. Coach Adam notes that “She gives everything she has for every bit of long workouts on Wednesdays in endurance. If she’s close to finishing a full round, she works past time. Her drive gets other people to push themselves.” Coach Bobby says “She finished a workout that involved running very quickly and she ran an additional 600m with a new member for support. I was very moved by it.” Shelley is always ready to go outside of her comfort zone and try new things. She jumped right in and did the entire Open despite being brand spanking new to the gym and unfamiliar with many of the movements.


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