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Congratulations to our April Athletes of the Month, Jeanne Schuld and Mary Souder!

Jeanne Schuld is quiet, unassuming, and crushingly strong. She started at Solcana after relocating to Minneapolis from Rochester where she had been doing crossfit for a while. The first time I met her, she was the only person at my 5:30am class. The WOD was something long with a barbell and lots of burpees. She attacked it with an aggressive pace and determination which blew me away. Ryan says “Jeanne’s dedication to great form is so refreshing. In Beginner Oly she actively asks for cues. She listens as coaches break down movement and explain why moving one way is better than another. She is a sponge for knowledge.” Jeff adds “Jeanne asked me if she could get in on the mile sled pull. She used to do it all the time in Rochester and even owns her own harness. She also has a 70# barbell get up! That’s fucking incredible!” And Lucia notes that “she just finished the Essential You and rocked it. Showed up, mindful, a wonderful and STRONG person.”






Mary Souder‘s nomination came from her Open teammate Bobby who says “Mary was a beast for our open team and never stops working. I believe she is also planning the Ragnar team stuff with Alex and Jade. She worked incredibly hard this open and was a great teammate. She brings such a great attitude and energy to the gym. Her candid thoughts on 17.5 made coffee come out of my nose. And Mary went to surf camp for a week and a half which sounds so cool and fun! She says she always looks for active adventures when traveling or vacationing.” Mary is also very humble, incredibly strong, hard working, coachable, and kind. She knows her limits and will scale a workout if she knows she can’t efficiently and safely execute a certain movement. Jeff Lockhart says “I thought Mary was really shy and reserved when she first started. I couldn’t have been more wrong. She’s hilarious. She is so strong and works her ass off. As a bonus, she brought us Pat.”


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