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This month, Adam Quick shares his story of how after a mobility class he feels like that “annoying person that’s happy all the time and you feel like you want to punch them but subconsciously it’s really just because you want to feel that good, too.” Read on to find out how he did it …

Adam Quick February 1

What first drew you to adding mobility into your routine?

I always had a little nagging feeling that I wanted to try it. The addition of 20-minute morning classes took away my last excuse. I’m ashamed to say I had been one of those “scoff-at-yoga” people; more due to the time I’d have to commit to go (insert complaint about having kids here) rather than an attitude toward the practice itself.

What was your first mobility experience like?

I’d been to an informal pilates class taught by a close friend, but I had never been to a mobility or yoga class before Solcana. My first class was all the way back in April, but I remember thinking it was basically just a longer version of some of the warm-ups we do before crossfit, only quieter, which was nice because it was 6am. I also remember how I felt when I walked out the door to go to class, and that’s what hooked me. Relaxed, yet invigorated. Calm, but energized. You can throw a ton of adjectives at this feeling but sometimes the simplest is the best: “good”. You just feel really good. I still get that feeling every time I leave the space. Just picture that annoying person that’s happy all the time and you feel like you want to punch them but subconsciously it’s really just because you want to feel that good, too. That’s me after mobility class.

What are the benefits you’ve noticed from incorporating mobility?

There are so many obvious benefits – the physical: if you can move better in mobility class, then you can move better in the gym. It helps immensely with muscle soreness. If you work at a desk all day like I do, mobility will instantly fix all of the things you’ve slowly done to your body for the last 10 years. (ok maybe not instantly but it does help!) There are also a lot of benefits that seem intangible, until you start to learn more about mindfulness, meditation, etc., but the best thing about this is you don’t have to be an expert or even at all experienced to feel those benefits right away.

Is that anything that gets you really jazzed about mobility?

At this point I actually get excited for every class I can make it to, and I’ve started to feel like something is missing on days the class times don’t work for me. Sometimes I’ll go to mobility thinking it will be instead of the gym, but I always end up feeling good and wanting to go to the gym, too. This stuff has the power to make me actually want to go to the gym. There are not very many things that can do that.

Any embarrassing mobility moments you want to share?

It probably speaks to the culture and people here at Solcana that I’ve never really felt embarrassed. All of the instructors are very good at explaining everything, and if they correct something you’re doing its very nonchalant – it’s just not a big deal at all. This is not something you can screw up. The most “embarrassing” thing to happen to me so far is not being able to tell my right from my left. I think I’m almost over it.

What one piece of advice or insight would you share with someone that may be reserved about mobility?

For those members of Solcana I would bring up the simple fact that you’ve already proven you can try something new and different and scary! If you’re still here after your first crossfit class, you have demonstrated this bravery.

Adam Quick February 2Anything else you’d like to share?

I don’t own a yoga mat, I don’t have yoga pants (good luck getting that vision out of your head), and I’ve never been to a yoga studio. I show up in my sweatpants with holes in them and take off my shoes and follow along. When someone says we’re going to do a “shinvaysisasha” (not a thing), I just listen and watch and imitate. If a curmudgeon like me can do this, so can you. You may be surprised at how valuable it can be. I know I was.


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