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Solcanacast PodcastA very timely episode of Solcanacast this week, as Lucia intended. Vitamin D in the human body plays a definite role in seasonal affective disorder, something many Minnesotans can experience, either as an official diagnosis or as a general ho hum feeling in the winter time. Listen on to understand how and why vitamin D is so darn important for all humans, and then get the down-low on strength deficiencies in the gym and beyond. Take your cod liver oil and do your homework, folks, before the winter gets even more winter-y! Got more questions, thoughts or feedback? Hey, good! Tweet us @solcanapodcast and let us know what’s up–who do you want us to interview next? What’s a subject you want us to pay some attention to?

Lats- pull down
Core – weighted planks
Hamstrings romanian deadlifts
Glutes – and Ham developer
Grip strength – farmer carries

Lucia’s Challenge: eat sardines.
Hannah’s Challenge: identify weakest area of the four, then do 1 day of 4-5 rounds of 15 reps

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