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Solcanacast PodcastWHAT AN EPISODE! Hannah and Lucia speaks about the human breast, fitness and nutrition. We asked what YOU wanted to know and whew, were there a lot of fantastic questions! We barely. Lucia wanted to write a lot of puns in this description but hey, she’s refraining because this is such an important subject! Learn our takes on why breast tissue needs movement, how that works in a fitness setting, what’s up with phytoestrogens, and what exactly estrogen dominance is. Got more questions, thoughts or feedback? Hey, good! Tweet us @solcanapodcast and let us know what’s up–who do you want us to interview next? What’s a subject you want us to pay some attention to?

Resource for self breast exam:
Stuff Your Mom Never Told You Podcast: Saggy Boob Science:

Lucia’s Challenge: perform a self breast exam, EVERYONE.
Hannah’s Challenge: notice what is sore after a “chest” workout

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