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It is with great pleasure that I post this, my first official blog post as your Wellness Coordinator! I have an exciting announcement to share.

For the rest of October, every mobility class you attend, you will have the opportunity to pay it forward! That’s right. Not only will you have the chance to mobilize your wonderful bodies and rest your busy minds but you will also have the chance to help out children in need.

“Wait, you mean, I get to mobilize AND contribute to something bigger than myself?!”

Yes, that’s right! A few weeks ago you may remember we hosted an event to benefit the Sheridan Story. The Sheridan Story is a local, non-profit that aims to close the weekend food gap between Friday and Monday when children are not able to participate in the free or reduced meal programs offered within their schools. You can find out more info here:

So how does this work? There will be a donation jar available in the mobility room where you can place cash or a check (made out to Sheridan Story). Here’s the kicker: Solcana will contribute $1 per person that attends a mobility class on the weekends! You have three opportunities to up-level your contributions: Saturday at 9:10am for 60 minutes of mobility with Aaron, Sunday at 10:00am or 11:00am with Laura. Laura leads a meditation class at 10:00am and Mobiliy XL at 11:00am on Sundays.

Fall is the perfect opportunity to begin to unwind from the fun-fun-fun, go-go-go of the summer months in Minnesota! Mobility and meditation are two great ways to unwind and let go of any tension holding you back from making strides in your health and wellbeing goals. Please contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions about this opportunity or about anything mobility, meditation and/or wellbeing related!

Looking forward to supporting such a great organization with you all!




WHO: You and anyone you know that could use a good stretch and/or moment to rest in their life; so basically everyone!

WHAT: Mobility, Meditation and an opportunity to pay it forward to the Sheridan Story

WHERE: Solcana Wellness – 2200 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404

WHEN: The rest of October, especially on the weekends

WHY: An opportunity to mobilize your joints, stretch out those strong muscles, connect your body and your mind, AND contribute to a cause that aims to decrease childhood hunger

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