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October marks the start of a new cycle at Solcana, and it’s also time to recognize our October Athletes of the Month, two incredibly consistent, dedicated athletes: Gina Sabbia and Garrett Hoffman! 


gina_sabbiaSince Gina joined us in July 2015, she has worked her butt off to master challenging movements, fine-tune positions in her lifts, and become stronger and more stable. These things have not always come quickly or easily to her, but multiple times a week, with astounding consistency, she’s back at the 6:30am grind, working on all the little things that make her a better athlete. Gina loves to push the envelope during workouts, yet while working through some recent back pain she was incredibly patient with herself as she stayed active. She has a huge heart, loves to encourage other athletes to go big, and boosts people up when they’re expressing doubt over their own abilities. She’s positive and easy-going, loves Justin Bieber and Whitney Houston during workouts, and is such a supportive training partner.



garrettGarrett has been an absolute pleasure to have around since he joined us this summer. When you’re in a class with him, you can just tell by how hard he’s working that he has some mighty big goals. He’s a fixture in daytime classes, and has been here practically every day since he started. In addition to consistently attending class, he is making things happen by showing up early to class or open gym and working on stuff he wants to get better at, like pull-ups! It’s amazing but not surprising that in just four months he was able to get himself a 260# back squat. Garrett is super fucking smart, strong as an ox, sarcastic and hilarious. We are so happy to have you in our community, Garrett!


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