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Hey Friends, the fall challenge begins on the week of October 3rd, which is right around the corner.

If you haven’t already read Hannah’s post on the challenge (and if you haven’t, make sure you do!) then here’s a quick breakdown of why you should sign up:

  • you will be in the running to win prizes for most improved, spirit of the challenge, and best overall score
  • you will get a BONUS 3-day per week, 15-minute per day program that you can do during open gym, before class, after class, etc. that is designed to help you get even stronger and more skilled during the fall challenge so you can improve your score
  • by signing up, you are setting a goal of improvement and consistent attendance, so if you need a reason to buckle down right now, or you’re just excited to get after these lifts, now is your chance!


take Petey McTavish with you

We are doing a pre-order on these hooded pullover Mascot Sweatshirts as well as for a new batch of Strengthwraps:

These colors are correct, but will feature the Solcana logo instead

From their website: Strengthwraps offer support, increased range of motion, and versatility of easily tightening and loosening your wrist wraps in a quick second. Cloth wrist wraps tighten down on themselves. While originally designed for CrossFit, Strength Wraps can also be used for Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Strength Training, or any other applications where joint support is needed. Made in the USA.

Without further ado, use this form to sign up and get yourself some sweet new stuff:


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There 3 responses to “Sign up for the Solcana Fall Challenge!”


What are sizes like for the sweater? Men’s?

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Morgen Larsen

Hi Erika, unisex sizing information is in the form.

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Somehow I totally missed that! I looked all over the form too. Oops. Thank you!

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