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I started doing yoga when I decided to take a long hiatus from a 12 year long competitive swimming career. My parents freaked out that I would lose the dedication and perseverance which a sport teaches. They introduced me to Yoga as a way to keep me physically fit and mentally sane. I started taking classes for 6 years under Dr.S.N.Omkar, a student of BKS Iyengar – father of Iyengar Yoga and I fell in love with it instantly.

I was practicing Yoga while I was going through swim coach certification process and that is when I realized and learnt how important mobility is to any form of physical activity. I appreciate that at Solcana we’re giving importance to mobility and helping overall development/healing of the body. A pain-free workout is the best kind of workout and I am not talking about the good pain you have after 200 burpees. As a former athlete, I cannot stress enough that mobility is so important to prevent injuries, help muscle building and also help recover from injuries faster.

When I’m not churning out earth shattering codes in Java or meditating my way to the Galactic Empire, I am am dancing! This summer I played one of the lead characters in a Bollywood play at the Fringe festival!Darshan

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