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Whenever I go somewhere new my internal monologue is always yelling at me: “What if you do something wrong? What if you don’t know where things go and someone yells at you? What if you mix up the times and you go really early and then it’s awkward and you just sit there?* What if? What if? What if?”

The first time I went to a CrossFit class, about a year ago, this monologue was fierce and made me wish I had never decided to try it. But I left amazed by how welcoming it was. Coach Jeff showed me where everything was and how to do the workout without making me feel like the loser who was behind everyone else. No one pointed and laughed and I even picked up some weights.

So, for everyone who hasn’t made it over to the mobility space, I want to make sure you feel as comfortable there as I did that first day. So, please, join me on my virtual step-by-step welcome to mobility.


  1. WodifyFirst, clear the filters on wodify so you can see the mobility offerings and reserved a spot.
  2. Head to the Wellness building. Enter on the Minnehaha side. The door to class will be unlocked at least 15 minutes before class.
  3. Drop your shoes and bags in the cubbies by the door. The instructor will lock the front door during class, so things stay safe.
  4. The mobility space is down the half flight of stairs. If you need to use the restroom while you’re there, head up the half flight and to the hallway.
  5. Grab a mat! They’re in the far corner away from the stairs. Ask your instructor what props you’ll need. We’ve got a straps, blocks, blankets, and bolsters. Depending on the class you may want all of them or none of them. When in doubt ask.IMG_3526
  6. Set your mat up 90 degrees from your instructor (or if they specify another way). Keep your props handy.
  7. Enjoy your class!


If you have any questions about mobility, don’t hesitate to reach out to me or ask your instructor after class.

*This one really happened. When I lived in Baton Rouge, I went to a potluck at a Buddhist monk’s residence. With my salad in hand I knocked on the door only to find out that I was early. A week early. But since it was a Buddhist monk, it just meant that I had a lovely dinner with a very quiet, kind, and wise person.

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