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Greetings from Camp!

I’m writing this to you amongst 100 high school students from the state of Wisconsin at Leadership Camp who are somehow learning from me about self-disclosure, credibility vs visibility, conflict, and group dynamics. Oh, and lots of hugs and Mosquitos.

In the most simplest of explanations, this camp is a lot like my family at Solcana CrossFit so it feels pretty natural to be here, but since I’m teaching kids (and working out at Anytime Fitness for the week) I will leave you with a short blog post this week since I’m in between talent show auditions and volleyball tournaments and simulated school budget cut proposals. A lot of kids are counting on me this week so my attention is with them.
In the meantime, I did get some pretty big news this week and I couldn’t me more excited to tell you that you can now refer to me as Jenn Schaal, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. IT IS OFFISH! I passed!

See you next week with a tan and stories all about my camp crush.

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